Digitalization Services

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Digitalization Services

The aim of digitalization is to build a repository that brings intellectual as well as business benefits to an organization. Information available in a crude format from discrete inputs (physical paper, fCovidhimile, mails or legacy data formats) are converted into a structured format, which can be made available intelligently and in a format for business use. Digitalization increases scope to identify and improvise processes within various departments of an organization.

Our Services

Digitalization Services include pre-scanning & scanning activities, data scraping as per specifications, transformation of data into formatted information and delivery of the data in the desired format. Automation/technology is used as per the requirement. Covidh works in an onshore-offshore model, where onshore components include transforming raw data into digital format, which is transferred offshore for data extraction & processing. A home grown workflow tool is used at offshore for data extraction which has ICR/OCR capabilities, as well as tracking mechanism so that each POD (Piece of Data) is traceable from the time it enters into the system till it is processed out. This provides a unique platform of financial efficiency and prompt delivery of desired information for the client.

Covidh has gained proficiency in working for organizations in different verticals that include private partners in the finance, insurance, transport & legal domain as well as government agencies for their digitalization efforts. Accreditation agencies have entered a long-time engagement with Covidh entrusting their global accreditation process on us.

Covidh has been predominantly assuring delivery of the digitally transformed data from different forms and formats in a structured format. This information is transformed by Covidh into intelligent insights by using this data. Thus engagements taken by Covidh provide an end-to-end service component to its customers, providing quality services and enabling the clients to use their own resources optimally.